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With websites now being close to 15 years old and seemingly an important if not necessary part of all businesses, non more so than your hotel.

Do you have one…
Does it represent your business, how you are seen in real life..

Having a website and online presence allows you to market your business online, a virtual shop window, an online brochure. With the rise and acknowledgement of a shorter attention span and people saying they are busier then ever, they might not have time to visit the hotel reception or a hotel, at all, due to distance, if a tourist or a one off visitor.

Searching the internet right now, be that 24/7, for your local or worldwide consumer, to know about the services, facilities, food offering, bed types, event capabilities and historical significance’s within or near by your property. Are all the things a customers

I have hand picked the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne for the sole reason (as eluded to on their twitter as below) they are an old hotel dating back to 1883 and offer a famous afternoon tea said to the the longest running in the city.

On closer inspection of the website for the hotel also has an entire about section detailing information from as early as 1923 and incorporate everything you need to know about the hotel today.

Melbourne’s iconic grand hotel, established in 1883. Home to the longest-running Afternoon Tea service in the city. #hotelwindsor

The top 5 things needed on your website (any website) to make your hotel stand out and convert visitor to a sale….

  • Good Imagery to the show off property and ground, maybe your USP, best bedrooms and or event types on offer
  • The Book Now Button – capture bookings direct rather than via third party sites – also tell them booking direct guarantees a better price – add the % discount to create a sense of urgency
  • Contact details – be that telephone number, email and or address
  • A Special offer – if you aren’t offering or showcasing the discount for direct booking, perhaps a hotel specific special offer to see what converts from the web traffic to cash in the tills.
  • And finally… headers or a menu that drive your web traffic to the areas you want them to know about…
    Double Rosette restaurant, then have that front and centre
    Best Spa in the town or city… that’s right get that front and centre too

Should you need a website or website update, be sure to go to a professional web designer offering the latest and greatest features and ask them or a few of them to give you some concepts that deliver what you need for your hotel, ensuring you encapsulate the top 5 things need as above.

Go forth and get web traffic converted into revenue, with your website today.

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