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On the 1 year anniversary of the last time websites were the focus and attention of our posts, its only right that the website 2.0 comes out today.

Stats suggest nearly 86% of all travelling hotels guests have access to an internet based device, whether than is a laptop, tablet or smart phone. That’s across the board not just your corporate clients / guests, this includes children and leisure guests too.

Booking habits are just as high too with a big volume of online reservations coming as a direct results of people using more “mobile” devices, browsing via iPads and smart phone apps.
With the likes of leading the way with a fully functional app that keeps updating and allowing a more fluid process to book the right hotel, even using a map search function.

With that in mind, before those guests even get to you, its time to fact check both your website and how friendly your web pages and booking process looks and feels on an iPad or smart phone be that for an ever increasing Android or Google user or the more conventional small screened laptops and tablets.

Your website 2.0 check list should look like this…

  • Does the site scale when rotating, zooming or pinching
  • Can you click book now
  • Do the images look as good on a modern and brighter screen with a higher pixel count
  • Can you go through the whole booking process on a small screen smart phone easily
  • Is the phone number clickable to call straight from the website
  • It it up to date
  • Do you have an interactive map for people to get directions straight from your site or via the devices map provider
  • Have you looked at it yourself…

If the future of some sites is anything to go by, with some even as of today being almost driven to being mobile friendly on a standard computer / internet browser, the only question you have is, is my website two point oh ready

Should you need a website or website update, be sure to go to a professional web designer offering the latest and greatest features and ask them or a few of them to give you some concepts that deliver what you need for your hotel, ensuring you encapsulate the website 2.0 check list above.

Go forth and get web traffic converted into revenue, with your website today.

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