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Village Hotel & A Rally in Cardiff

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So I don’t normally buddy up a travel post with something else but.
With this being my first ever – lets just brake ground and rules.
This time travelling to Cardiff, was indeed to see the Welsh rally of 2010. Where Kimi Raikkonen drove in the WRC for Citroën Junior Team in a Citroën C4

So to the hotel.
Now I love me a village hotel. Don’t get me wrong. The bathroom design is modern and funky design I have used in my own personal home. However. Who ever designed the Village Hotel Cardiff should be taken to task. (Swansea is the same too)

Yes, you can see the awesome walk in shower and striking wall of colour that’s easy to clean and super modern.
But what you might not be able to tell is, the toilet is so close to the wall, its impossible to sit down.

Yes, literally the toilet is so close to the wall, sitting sideways is your only option.
Oh and the bathroom door pretty much opens up on to your feet too, if you sat straight that is.

The room itself is also a little tight, but offers more than most, with a very comfortable bed

Overall – the hotel and the offering was and is sublime.

No complaints, when the city is that busy, that is a massive positive too.

We didn’t eat at the hotel – we did during the night rally in Cardiff bay, join the cue and eat at Ed’s Dinner.
What can I say, I like a hot dog !!

★★★☆☆ 3 Stars for a 3 Star Hotel

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