Is your Hotel Really User Friendly

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So I have used Ikea as an example here… as we all know how much we love instructions for flat pack furniture.  But this message is for making sure your customer journey to your website, social media or booking system is indeed, user friendly.

Pop up for cookies, taking over the screen ❌
Secondary windows when trying to book ❌
Additional unused windows when going into your booking ❌
Clicking and asking questions before they leave ❌

Keep it simple and ensure the journey is as easy as you would like to be… have you even tried to book your own product online to see how HARD you’ve made it.

User friendly hotel property management systems are widely availabe

People don’t want to inundated with tough decisions or additional issues, imagine a non user friendly person trying to book, and how quickly they might give up.

Sale lost – business lost…. Business declines.

Same can be said for in house guests.

Signage? Reception desk immediately visible when you walk in the hotel.

New guests need help to use your hotel.

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