Uplands Hotel (High Wycombe) Review

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The Hotel 🏨

The DeVere Uplands Hotel near High Wycombe is billed as, walking distance from the train station in High Wycombe. Well it is only 2.4 miles away from the centre & station, bu the 55 minute uphill battle is questionable, to say the least.

Outside View of the DeVere Venue Uplands Hotel High Wycombe

The location is most definitely not walking distance from the train station. As roads with no pavements leading to the hotel are clearly not designed for pedestrians. Yes, the receptionist laughed immensely when I announced on check In that I had indeed, walked from the train station.

This purpose built hotel come conference centre dates back to the early 80’s and it show. Although alleged to have been refurbished in 2010. This feels more like a student halls with an Georgian Manor House thrown in the middle.

Set in some fantastic country side on the crest of the hill, enclosed by trees, the location could not be better.

The Bedroom & Bed + Sleep Quality

Having seen other rooms, a standard, pokey, conference centre bedroom. With little or no other purpose than being at the hotel room for said conference. Comfort and style were the least of the companies worry. The classic DeVere bed spread at the end of the bed ever present.

Although a quiet location, the property itself was loud. Creaking long into the night, the smokers outside noisy as anything and the walls as thing as plasterboard.

Standard double bed with little or no comfort, so I woke up as stiff as I was after the uphill walk to the hotel.

Marriott Huntingdon Bedroom

Dining In – Breakfast

Relatively Standard Breakfast Buffet – And credit where its due a huge buffet with lots of options, with eggs to order.
Poached eggs for me. With the remainder of the cooked elements taken from the buffet. Most of it hot and a half decent sausage, which always makes me happy.

The Cost

£63 – A lower than normal cost, as I booked through the company

The Ever Lasting Memory

The walk up a massive hill from High Wycombe and navigating a corner that was far from suitable for pedestrains. As for the hotel, its a conference centre at best, using the word hotel incorrectly.

The Verdict

★★☆☆☆ Downgraded to 2 star solely based on the fact it really is not a self certified 3 star hotel

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  1. One of the biggest deciding factors for me when it comes to whether or not I will return to a hotel is the bed itself. There are some that are like heaven, making for an amazing night sleep, while others have the exact opposite impact. Based on what you’ve got here, this certainly isn’t going to be a hotel topping my list of must stay vacation locations!

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