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When you spend as many nights travelling as I do and have, I often get asked.
What’s in your bag, what is your essential travel gear, your must have items, What can you not live with out.

I don’t invest too heavily in items that I cannot carry with me, so the following items are in my current travel bag.

Tech & Bag
WD 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive

Sometimes you need your files on the go and this is my, go to Portable External Hard Drive, even if its not full.

Hp Chromebook

I am team Google all the way and a massive advocate of the Chromebook way of life

Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB Just Black

I have been rocking the Pixel now since the original Nexus device came out and wouldn’t change now, having fallen out with my iPhone 6+


This compact DSLR from Sony offers me everything I need from a camera, when I not using the Pixel Phone for camera work. Which over 50% of the time, I am and do.

Joby Gorilla Pod

Camera stability on the go, its small and might, not suitable for the top down pics. Can be used with your phone too sometimes.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Smartphone stabiliser for a bargain price – you can’t go wrong

Revelation! Weightless Cabin Suitcase

British Made and although mine has blue instead of grey, its called the Revelation! Weightless cabin bag. And it is truly weightless and with it’s 4 wheels on 4 corners is easy to manoeuvre too

Anker Powerline Type C Cable

Although I carry 3 of these in different places, I use this for my phone more than anything else. The other two are at home or in the car

Logitech M220 Silent Wireless Mouse

Whilst I use a laptop that has a trackpad…
Due to volume of work and time spent on a laptop, I have always had a mouse. This mouse is one step further in my arsenal of luxury, and yes it really is silent.

RAINYEAR 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve

This is listed as the Upgraded version for 2 reasons.
Firstly, yes I slip my laptop into this fleece lined and secondly. It has an accessories pouch and little storage pockets to boot

These are item I currently own… None of them are overly expensive, proving you can use your gear and not spend millions.

Edit: November 2019 – these will be updated over time – for example the Phone will be updated more than most and my Chromebook is due an upgrade too

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