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Should you be using the word Hotel

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The 1980’s Sugar Hill gang song ‘rappers delight’ comes to mind when I asked this question.
Should you be using the word Hotel… Motel Holiday Inn.

In the current climate, customers are given an abundance of choice with “hotels.” Be that a branded hotel, luxury or boutique hotel, Spa or resort hotel… aparthotel, a small hotel, capsule hotel… the list is literally growing by the minute. As I have written this a new type of hotel is added the list. See > Eco-friendly hotel.

So with that confusion in my mind, and the UK’s history of Coaching Inn’s or Country Houses. Do you really want to be labelled as a hotel? Also should you not want to embrace your history, after all, peoples are seeking new ‘experiences’ when they travel.

If you are a Pub with rooms, a serviced apartment, a Bed & Breakfast, embrace it, be original, be yourself, don’t just use the word hotel.

Customers are migrating to different platforms to book. Airbnb bookings were up on average 67% year on year in 2020, with an average rental of £140. Now, whilst some of these stats are blurred by a massive spike, in bookings across the likes of Japan, Mexico and Romania. Even Scotland and part of the UK also saw part of this boom too.

It is worth noting a lot of hosts are offering private rooms, house shares and or slightly more unique places to stay. These are most definitely not a hotel, although, yes some small hotels are getting listed on the site too.

But my point remains clear…

Case Study examples..

A Historical coaching inn, set in a traditional market town with a cathedral or minster, with known or proven history dating back to 1641. Should remain the “Minster Inn” and embrace the story or myth of an English King having his first ever drink at the property. And that the cellar once housed the Kings Men and their horses.

The backlash of changing a name can also have a detrimental effect on the business. The New Minster Hotel, lacks a certain ring to it, and almost disavows the historical beauty.

How many of us have had the conversation about “do you know the Nags Head” when today it’ really called the Patron’s Bistro.

Not a Real Nags Head

Defining a Hotel

Perhaps a dictionary definition is needed by those who provide accommodation providers with ratings, because despite my words. The true dictionary reads; A Hotel is an establishment providing accommodation, meals, and other services for travellers and tourists.

Worth finding out if being classified as a hotel impacts your business rates too… Could save a few pennies.

Please note the case study is merely an example, anything resembling real life, is merely a coincidence.

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