The Simple Rules if you want a better Menu

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So I already touched on my top tips for writing a Menu here, but I wanted to just hammer a point home about the Menu, the size and whats important to stay competitive.

Having a HUGE menu in a folder or a 1980’s style binder and or another fixing to hold multiple pages together is not acceptable or conducive with today’s diner and the expectations of decent, casual or fine dining.

A Menu or as I will refer to it as a Menu Card should be one if not all of the following;

  • A3 Double sided Menu card including a Prefix menu and offer or wine
  • A4 or A5  Menu Card if this menu is looked at in an informal setting
  • Formatted or Designed by a professional
  • Printed in your branded font with Logos and colours etc
    If printed in house create a format to re-purpose for consistency 
  • High quality card
  • Thrown away if dirty, bent, creased or splitting
  • Large enough to read, small enough to contain everything
  • Personalised by location, setting or date(s)

Simple rules – if you want a better Menu for your business, follow one if not all the points and see your restaurant covers grow and revenue retention increase.

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