Social Media Trends / 2018

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Things to add into your strategy in 2018, off the back of 2017’s successes and predictions based on stats, interaction and changes in the demographic of social activity.

  1. Video is and will be king – Stories on Facebook and Instagram plus live channels will ever increasing the volume of content and use.
  2. Influencer Marketing – with some Instagram users now sporting millions of followers and big brands openly advertising with them this will continue to rise, so using an Influencer can dramatically improve your visibility online
  3. Promoted Posts – with a massive increase for all brands in 2017, paying for targeted promoted posts on all platforms will be a great resource this year.
  4. User Generated Content – whether competition based, reposting or just showing off your brand, user generated content is going to be key to addressing a short fall in some platforms over all content and interaction.
  5. Small Businesses – over 50% of small businesses are posting on a daily basis and this is set to rise with new profiles being added on all platforms daily, whilst this might add competition it can and will also pose an opportunity for you to do better.
  6. Customer Response – Businesses of all shapes and sizes are no longer in a position to be able to ignore mentions on any platform, as the ability immediately respond and deal with the customer or complaint, is great for business and PR.
  7. Ephemeral Content – as with videos and stories, quick to expire content will continue to rise and platforms like Snapchat will influence that with this now being a top 5 social media platform for under an 25 year old.
  8. Outsourcing – failing to deliver on all of the above will lead to a higher number of companies outsourcing in 2018, but, co write your own strategy.

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