Using the same name on all Social Media

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Online presence and or Social Media consistency is majorly important in today’s difficult digital marketing climate.

If you are going to be online… with your brand then get your social media champion, team or outsourced web and social company to grab all your accounts named the same as your website name, for example, Company NameThe Red Hotel should be looking for the following;

www . The Red Hotel . com and one or two other domains such as and .net

Now you know you have “The Red Hotel” as your website you want all your other sites and social links to be the same…

Facebook – The Red Hotel
Twitter – @TheRedHotel
Instagram – @TheRedHotel

And so on and so on… and likewise if you make a choice to “brand” your name to TRH or Red Hotel or TRedH or something all of the usernames should be the same.

This then means people who search for you find everything to do with you on google or via other searching means like social media and other peoples posts online.

Making the mistake of being inconsistent hear can lead to a lack of authenticity and adding a post to say – we no longer use this account is ten times worse.

NB: The Red Hotel is just an example and should any accounts be taken this is a coincidence and not an endorsement or in any way advocating for the hotel.

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