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No not the spanner warning on your car. But the art of service, the facilitation of going the extra mile for your customer.
The ability to make your customer happy.

Service has a completely different meaning to customer service, the kind of service we are talking about here is;

Getting the basics right

Checking the guest in proficiently, having the correct level of staff on reception, or the bar & restaurant, being able to deliver the ideal food or drink to the customer. Taking the customer to the table, serving them promptly and serving them with high standards.

Going the Extra Mile

The room upgrade, the loyalty points, remembering the recent vacation, offering a complimentary drink before dinner. Adding a snack at the bar with the first drink bought, recommending the very best wine with tonight’s specials – remembering the guest wants to know the specials.

Upselling and delivering on the basics and making any extras feel like something out of the ordinary.

Hospitality and service go hand in hand, but it is also a skill, often a basic skill, but a skill non the less.

Training programmes and a multitude of standards or operating procedures. Can and will ensure the customer feels the service from the moment they arrive to the minute they have to leave.

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