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How to Boost Revenue, post Pandemic

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When will hotels reopen, everyone is asking. Here are the top 5 Things… your Hotel can do to boost revenue today; post pandemic

So its still 2020, cash flow is not the best and everyone is running at 50% occupancy or less, so here in lies the question… What are the top 5 things my Hotel can do, today, post pandemic to drive revenue.

Number 1 – Open Up !

Not as simple as it sounds, but… Open up everything you know you can…. today
Get people to book direct, open up to the possibility of 2, 3 or even 4 night stays, maybe even at a discounted rate (baring in mind housekeeping costs will be lower as, currently they should not and can not enter the room on a 2 night+ stay) for a longer stay.
Open to advance purchase for remainder of the year into 2021, open up to Dinner Bed & Breakfast offers, with pre booked dinner times – maybe even sweeten the deal with a bottle of wine on arrival they can drink socially distanced in the bedroom, ice bucket at the read.

Open up to letting people give you money today, so you can see your forecast and cash flow for tomorrow.

Number 2 – Christmas / Twilight

We know you can sell rooms and serve limit occupancy in the restaurant at the moment…
why not start bagging Christmas Eve arrivals, Christmas Day bookings, Boxing Day Luncheons and December 27th dinners with a Christmas or Twilight package.
Its not for everyone , but lets be honest we spend enough time at home this year, Christmas might be the time we decide to get out, go to a hotel where we can access local walks, bigger churches or just quieter areas for a festive celebration.

Number 3 – Get up to date

Clicking on a website and seeing Christmas now available for 2019, or our event for March 2020, that never went ahead… will not aid the consumer confidence, we as an industry are trying to boost.

Get up to date, today… whether that’s removing old events, perhaps removing the weddings and conference information from the front and centre for now and letting people know deals, available now… social distancing ideas you have… or just direct booking rates that are 15% cheaper than the third party sites.

Update your website with images of your local outdoor-based experiences or open tourist attractions – spending time outdoors again will likely be high on the list for many, plus currently seen as less like to cause transitions.

Number 4 – Tell People

Never has a more pressing time come to your door and said – tell me what you are doing.

Social Media, content, free marketing, letting customers know you are safe, secure, open. Doing your discounted 2+ night stays will be the blessing of 2020. Maybe even early 2021 too.

Offering information more than ever on whats possible to do today, will save you time and money now as well as possibly enhance your business and income for the furture too.

Number 5 – Up-skill

Train your staff
Give them the freedom and transparency to learn about whats truly going on and how to deal with it… when things creep up to higher levels of business, you might have a new team leader, supervisor or even manager on your hands. Who has the skills to do more, cope with different aspects of the business. So training them now will play an important role in both their progression. As well as your recovery, later down the line.

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