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Overnight in Northampton

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The Hotel 

Westone Manor – an independent Hotel a stones through from Weston Favell and The County Ground.
Pretty much in the heart of Northampton

On Arrival

On what was a work stay over, I was greeted by a confusing set up. I had no idea where the front door was, and was not impressed by the car park. Or the very large skip and rubbish overflowing in the area too.
It was also clear to see the, one door I could see, was barracked, even though it was a fire exit.

This was as the headline suggests, just an overnight stay.

The wood clad (everywhere) and dated feel to the property, was echoed by the restaurant, which I couldn’t use as checking in so late. Breakfast was not included.

Credit, where its due, the hotel was staffed accordingly and reception was manned every single time I entered, once I knew how to get into the hotel.

The Bedroom & Bed + Sleep Quality

After what was a 12 or 14 hour day – I had no complaints about the bed or pillows, other than the obvious annoying, bed throw that some hotels still insist on keeping on the end of the beds.

Despite this, good sleep is on the cards, the hotel is set away from the main road and has a relatively residential setting. Which I am confident aids the quiet.

Dining In – N/A

Didn’t take breakfast – McDonald’s is literally 30 seconds away in the car. (eek)

The Cost


The Ever Lasting Memory

Walked away thinking – Should I have called the Fire Marshall and reported the hotel.

The Verdict

★★☆☆☆  2 Star Review, it was close to where I needed to be and performed the job of a hotel when a major event was taking place in Northampton.

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