The Olde Barn Hotel

Overnight in Grantham

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The Hotel 

The Olde Barn Hotel. A m independent 3 Star Hotel, just off the A1, on the outskirts of Grantham.
Set back enough to feel like a real country house hotel, with some flashing’s of brilliance.

On Arrival

A review for pleasure. A guest at the hotel for a wedding. A rare occasion I can check in and relax. Relax was on the cards. The Leisure club, although small, offers everything you might need. Pool was good and you can also take advantage of a Jacuzzi, Steam room and Sauna.

Small gym and beauty treatments are also offered, but didn’t have that much time before the wedding reception.

Out and out, nice hotel, great little bar area, small enough to feel cozy, but big enough for the wedding to feel far enough away from the main hotel and reception/lounge/bar.

* Since this review, the hotel has gone through some major changed, but the fundamentals remain the same.

The Bedroom & Bed + Sleep Quality

As a wedding guest, you often find yourself, drinking until the wee early hours. So time spent in the room was limited.
A ground floor room on a busy corridor, though might I add, should be avoided at all costs.
I did however, manage a power nap after visiting the pool, so not that loud.

Alcohol induced maybe, but sleep was good and although only a standard double bed. If you are used to a bigger bed on your travels, this could be problematic.

Dining In – Wedding Buffet & Breakfast

Obviously you don’t get to chose the buffet food, but options galore meant nobody would go hungry.
And much to my surprise it was not a beige buffet.
The star of the show however, was a toss up between. Roast Beef Yorkshire wraps and honey mustard sticky sausages. I could of eaten those sticky treats all day and all night.

Breakfast was a good heart buffet, love seeing creuset style pot used for anything, better still breakfast items.
Fresh, hot, plentiful, even with the large wedding party sitting at one table.
No small juices glasses too – which is a winner for any hotel trip.

All in all food and food service, made me very happy and did not leave me hungry.

The Cost

£99 for two

The Ever Lasting Memory

Great little pool. That remote feeling even with it’s location plus the sticky sausages!

The Verdict

★★★☆☆  3 Star Hotel, 3 Star Review. Would like to give 3 and a half stars to be honest.
Guests not going hungry or remembering the food is always worthy of an extra half star, surely.

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