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Yes it’s a buzz word and may even be on the way out…

But having spent the last 24 hours researching a hotel. I am due to stay at, I was alarmed and amazed at the lack of presence or foresight that this (humble brag) high end four star hotel. With multiple awards and facilities that could be Instagrammed to the high heaven. In the wake of some amazing influencers having stayed at the property.

The overall image, look and feel of user generated content would have and could have influenced a significantly higher number of people to follow the hotel. Look at the hotel, book the hotel or even just engage with both the hotel and the images in question.

I spent close to an hour looking at; Verified users posting on site and on location, young clientele posting food & drink images. A smattering of well taken pictures of the bedrooms, property itself and the aforementioned instagrammable facilities. And lots & lots of photos of people bigging up the experience and feeling of both the hotel itself whilst enjoy a short, weekend of overnight stay.

(post above for example purposes only)

The very worst part of looking at the geotagged photos is even one influencer posted a #ad picture with a superb breakfast and bedroom shot in toe. And yet I would bet you a dollar that the hotel doesn’t and or didn’t even know the Australian travel blogger. With over 17,000 followers or a total of nearly 100,000 followers across all platforms, was even staying in the hotel.

User generated content is easily obtained and just as easily reposted.

Start using Instagram and the power of people today…

highlight me > – I almost signed this off with a begging of please

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