The Art of Hotel Artwork

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This might seem like a strange post talking about hotel artwork on the walls in hotels, however far too many have it wrong or don’t pay attention to it at all.

Whilst I understand, if you walk into an 18th century county house hotel or hall. You might want to or expect to see some art on the wall, in relation to the history of the hotel or even the area and the origins of the property etc.

And likewise if you walk into a budget hotel or boutique hotel you want art to be in keeping of the surroundings.

Bermondsey Square have graffiti on its stairwell, done by local artists. In keeping for the area and stark contrast to the indoor & hotel style.


It is 2019 and the world of art and indeed the word art has moved on exponentially, so much so its time to move on with both the type of art you have in your business, and the number of pieces and how they are displayed.

A stretched canvass, a signed shirt from the local team, black & white photography, a modern impression of the hotel (like the example here.) Anything other than boring or the same art repeated across multiple levels and areas, should be normal practise.

Also, poor frames and poor or unrelated artwork across too many areas, will make your property look stuffy or overwhelmed with a bad look.

How often do people show your building in social media photos, with the type of venues just mentioned?
I would suggest daily… but your internal artwork should be just as breath taking or conversational as your building itself.

Credit to Dave Thompson Art for the hotel artwork/image itself and The Palace Manchester.

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