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I mentioned the phrase home from home in the post about technology in Hotels, earlier this month. And it reminded me to think about the added luxury needs to truly ensure a guest in your hotel, doesn’t feel like they are either at home, or should be at home because it’s nicer.

Value for money is the topic, rather than a nice strapline…

We all have different requirements when staying in a hotel, whether stopping over for business, a flight, romance, halfway travel point or being a tourist in that area, but a guest should be able to budget accordingly for the level of luxury they need or want.

Let’s be honest at home, we spend on average via our mortgage or rent £25 to £30 per night stay at home, if you take the UK average rental price of £700 per calendar month and divide by 28 days, and we hand pick our bed, linen, bathroom has everything you personally need and you spend time in your bedroom how you see fit…
so the home from home needs to match budget vs expectation and be better than home!

£30 to £50

Budget hotel, top quality king size bed, decent pillows, possibly not the best towels in the world and no toiletries would be the remit of luxury you are going for in a clean modern room, with the additions of basic facilities and the need for a larger TV and Free Wi-Fi.

£50 to £80

3 Star independent hotel or a 3 Star branded hotel on offer, offering everything as above with the additions of a great towel, better pillows, extra items in the room like tea, coffee and the likes of a desk, vanity mirror and perhaps basic additions like hairdryer and basic toiletries fixed or added to the bathroom.

£80 to £100

3 Star branded hotel, as above but perhaps when not on offer a bigger room, bigger bed, more items in the room for convenience and the expectation of rewards, gifts or something unique to the guest to make the stay feel more comfortable.

£100 to £150

3 Star High end branded hotel, the word luxury should not be mistaken here or underused,  thus the price range, and the start of changing expectations.
I would expect a lot better than you can afford or have at home, with branded high end beds, all the facilities you would expect in a room plus the addition of a few more, with the likes of branded toiletries, tea & coffee and perhaps overly large towels, a better thread count on the linen and duvet / pillows being the best to suit the bigger double, queen or king size bed.

£120 to £180

4 Star Hotel – this is when luxury should start to feel standard, as above in the high end 3 star hotel with the addition of … even bigger room, better facilities throughout, Jacuzzi tub, walk in shower and high end toiletries with a focus on environmental or neutral products with an emphasis on availability on…  everything being better and in more volume such as towels, bedding, a pillow menu maybe and a sitting room or areas to sit with the big screen and possibly dine too.


4 Star High end, 4 Star Red and 5 Star Hotels.

If you can’t deliver on all of the above in budget – this £200 plus mark is counterproductive and NOT a ballpark your hotel rates should ever be in…

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