Guest Post: How to Keep an Active Social Media Presence for Your Hotel

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It is essential for hotels to be online. While some other businesses might get away with appealing only to local people through traditional advertising, hotels need to reach a wide audience that is not always nearby. That process is made much easier by the power of the Internet.

So, I assume that you have a website showcasing your hotel and reservations and that you have signed up for platforms like Booking to broaden your reach. Now it is time to focus on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Before you start, I want to warn you that managing your social media page is not a one-time thing. It takes continuous effort to grow an engaged audience! You will need to create original content every week and to engage with your audience every day (e.g. reply to comments and messages).

To make this process easier for you, here are seven content ideas to keep an active social media presence for your hotel and never run dry.

  1. Showcase your hotel
  2. Invite influencers over
  3. Highlight your audience
  4. Suggest places to visit nearby
  5. Change according to the seasons
  6. Hype holidays and local events
  7. Share your available rooms

1. Showcase your hotel

This is the most obvious option but also the most important! You want reservations from people who have accurate expectations  – who know what your hotel has to offer and cannot wait for a night in one of your rooms.

Try to have bright photographs of your hotel on social media and even hire a professional photographer if needed. It is not only important that your photos are faithful to reality but also that they showcase your hotel under the best light.

Showcase your rooms, of course, but also your amenities. What sets you apart from your direct competition? Highlight that!

Here are a few aspects of your hotel you may want to highlight on social media:

  • Rooms (all the different types of rooms, including their shower area, television set, safe, minibar, and/or anything else a potential guest may be interested in)
  • Breakfast area (including decoration and breakfast options)
  • Parking
  • Reception and entry hall
  • Corridors, elevators, and/or staircases
  • Bar and/or restaurant (including decoration and food and drink options)
  • Gym, pool, and/or spa

As you see, you will have plenty of content to share on social media just by showcasing all the great aspects of your hotel!

2. Invite influencers over

By now you probably know who influencers are but, just in case, here is a quick overview: influencers are people who create content for social media, and similar online platforms, and who businesses hire to promote their products and/or services.

There are different ways of collaborating with influencers but usually your best option is to deal with the influencer’s agency rather than directly with them.

You may invite influencers to stay at your hotel and pay them, fairly, to take photographs and/or videos in your hotel to:

  • Share on their social media page and tag you
  • Share on your social media page and tag them

Either way, you will be exposing their audience to your hotel and increasing your reach!

3. Highlight your staff

It is easier for people to connect with other people than to connect with a faceless brand. You can put a face in your hotel by highlighting either its charismatic owner (like Tesla does, for example) or its staff!

You may showcase, in photographs with text and/or videos, who they are as people or you may stick to what they do in your hotel. Just make sure you only highlight staff who is completely comfortable with that.

4. Suggest places to visit nearby

If you appeal to tourists, suggesting places for them to visit near your hotel is definitely something to consider.

Share photographs and/or videos of points of interest near your hotel, like monuments, beaches, museums, and shops. You may also suggest day trips from your hotel with a map that shows where each of the stops is located.

And do not be afraid of promoting local businesses like restaurants and bars. The tourism industry grows stronger when all work together.

5. Change according to the seasons

A stay with you during summer is different from a stay with you during winter. That most obvious differences will be landscape and weather. But the way people use your amenities will also change (e.g. air conditioning and pool).

So, make sure your social media activity reflects the time of year for which you want reservations and how great a stay in your hotel during that time.

For example, if you have the most exquisite and fun outdoor pool, you should definitely highlight it when you want reservations for warmer months. However, it will not be as strong a selling point for colder months!

6. Hype holidays and local events

Two reasons why people stay in your hotel are to celebrate holidays (e.g. Valentine’s Day) and to attend local events (e.g. concerts and conferences). Make the most of each holiday and local event by hyping it and inviting visitors to reserve a room in your hotel when in town.

You may take this one step farther and have a special offer (e.g. themed decoration in the rooms) or events in your amenities (e.g. themed decoration and concert in your restaurant and/or bar) to fit the local moments of interest.

After the holiday or local event has passed, you may also share photographs and/or videos you took of the celebrations. Or, if allowed, go live on social media right when it is happening!

7. Share your available rooms

You may create a sense of urgency by sharing with your audience how many rooms you have available for a certain day and urging them to book before they sell out.

Or mix and match and pair this tactic with hyping holidays and local events. For example, imagine Valentine’s Day is coming, you have a special package on offer, and you have only 10 rooms available. You may write something like this: “Ready for Valentine’s Day? You can still book a romantic night at our hotel and get a complimentary bottle of bubbles to celebrate. Only 10 rooms left – book asap!”

There you have it. Plenty of ideas for you to use when planning your social media content calendar. I expect some of these do not suit the brand of your hotel, in which case you should just focus on the ones that do.

Most importantly, always have something in the bag and never allow your social media presence to dry up. Your business depends on it.


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Alexandra Pedro

Alexandra is an entrepreneur, marketer and creative based in Ireland who founded Alexandra Pedro Marketing in 2018. She drives business to her clients through marketing strategy and content.


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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment, Della!
      It takes consistent effort to give a unique voice to a business but I have found it is always worth it. Hope these tips support hotels on that journey!

    1. I know what you mean, Kelly! It is fascinating how marketing material is created.

      Ultimately, as far as I am concerned, marketing is about representing brands with integrity and honesty and making sure the right customers/clients find them to be able to benefit from their products/services.

  1. This is all such great advice! I know that a lot of the things mentioned here are things that I look for when booking a hotel myself, especially when it comes to things like photos of the room/ breakfast. It’s a major turn off for me when only the communal areas are highlighted x


      1. Thank you for your comment, Sophie! I agree with the importance of sharing those aspects.

        Two other things I see done wrong is hotels showcasing only the expensive suites and skipping the more affordable twins and using old photos that do not represent the hotel anymore!

  2. It is interesting to see how hotels market themselves. I am used to going to big portfolios like Hilton or Marriott. I find engaging with influencers to go a long way. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ✨

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