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Going Green is the Future

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Most large hotels, and companies, add the frivolous; think before you print this email or we are a green/recycling company or hotel etc

But the weight of paper Hotels fall under is phenomenal and needs to stop.

The environmental impact of printing an email, a welcome letter, a registration card, a reservation confirmation, a pre bill, an updated bill and a paid invoice is already coming close to half a dozen pieces of paper or card.

Saving a PDF file that can be viewed on a screen, both by staff and customers will save the need to print have a printer or buy ink with cartridges and by products which are all unrecyclable.

Arm your team with the ability to make PDF’s, a tablet instead of paper, a swivel screen and send an email for VAT receipts if needs be – stop printing today, stop wasting paper and invest in a cloud drive or server with all your back up on and consider going green.

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