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First Time Glamping

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Most of the travels reported here on the Blog. Have been centred around either run of the mill corporate properties or nice comfy four star hotels. This, ladies and gentlemen, is somewhat slightly different. As this is all about my first time glamping. YES – Glamping. No Hotel. No mattress (sort of) and NO roof (sort of.)

The Journey

A hell of a trek across the entire south of wales along the lengh of the M4, and more. Takes me to the outskirts of Broad Haven, a coastal town deep in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. On the far south west coast of Wales.
I had booked, for this get away, the Broadway Campsite via Pitch Up.
This map does not do the beauty of the area justice.

Although, writing this I can see they have a Facebook they don’t offer the ability to book direct. The Booking process via Pitch up is very smooth an easy transaction similar to most travel or hotel booking websites.

So what is glamping; noun, a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping?

The Site & Tent

On arrival to the site and the Bell Tent I had booked, I was met by this absolute beauty. Which looks part standard camping tent, part Teepee. IT’S HUGE !!

So whilst I might not be slumming it too much, as this glamping tent is furnished with. A carpet, Futon Bed, Rugs, Small Table and a convenient little hook on the centre pole for hanging lights.

The futon, has a thin mattress and to be honest isn’t to far off some hotel beds when it comes to comfort.

It actually sleeps up to 6, or in the case as an additional blow up mattress was also present) up to 4 people.

The flags make it feel like a mini private festival and the two very small solar lights on the front tent pegs add a little extra light during your return at night.

The Tent offers great wind protection, even during rain and high winds you still feel protected. And the height of the tent also means you can stand comfortably, as well as use that hook, to offer lightening to every corner of the indoor space.

Broadway Campsite offers fantastic facilities for campers and Glampers. Only 1 tent at the time of publishing this, in a smaller field a short walk away from where the camper vans and caravans are staged. Along with access to toilets, and shower block.

You obviously still need, like for most camping trip, all your camping supplies, to see through the trip; Including, sleeping bags, chairs, cooking equipment etc etc

My car was fully loaded with exactly that.

The Go Outdoors check out belt was overflowing. With a camping stove, extra propane gas bottles, water boiler, sleeping bags, head torches and some thermals for sleeping. I also had blankets, chairs, bed linen and a frying pan, in action below, packed for the extravaganza too

The view from the slightly elevated position of the site, is as you can see above, absolutely breathtaking.
In the right spot you could just about see Saint Brides Bay / Saint George’s Channel.

Surrounding Area

Whilst in the area, the mini city that is Saint David’s (Castle image far right) is accessible and highly recommend.
An unmissable spot whilst traveling around here has to the Blue Lagoon. (Image middle) not too far north of St David’s.
It’s a former quarry turned vivid colour pool. A tourist hot spot and a location for the adrenaline junkie who might want to jump off into the water.

The entire coast line is glorious and if you can withstand the terrain and windy roads. Then both Broad Haven
(image left) and Little Haven should be on your list of spots to visit. The former was surprisingly, during the earlier mornings, overran with surfer.

All in all this area of Wales is both beautiful and seemingly untouched.

Activities for the whole family and younger couples in the areas, make this a must for everywone.

I cannot recommend Glamping enough, its a soft way to break into a camping. Will I use the sleeping bag again any time soon… Watch this space !

16 thoughts on “First Time Glamping

  1. I love camping and have always wanted to try glamping. It sounds like you had a fun adventure in a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. I would absolutely love to give glamping a go! I am so sad that I’ve not been able to have any time off this year, my brain needs to switch off in a field somewhere asap!


  3. This looks like a beautiful place for glamping! We are big into camping in general, exploring all different opportunities to get outdoors – ranging from backwoods, rustic camping through to the more elaborate glamping trips. There’s somethign for everyone and I can’t wait to try it all!!

  4. It looks like you chose an exquisite location & nicely organised company. I’ve glamped once in the UK and like you say, you step in & wow, the set-up is really quite impressive. My experience was a bit marred by a rather chilly night (even with layers of warm blankets!) but I’d still recommend 100% in summer & early autumn.

  5. That looks like so much fun! I love seeing how popular glamping has gotten and seeing all the uniqueness to each site. I’ve never done this before but would love to!

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