How strong is your Food Picture Game ?

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30% of Millennial’s would avoid a restaurant/eatery if their Instagram presence was weak… 18 to 35 year old’s spend on average 5 days a year, that’s 10 hours a month or 35 minutes a day on the Social Media platform.

How strong is your food picture game ?

You don’t need an expensive light set up or a fancy DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera, but you would be wise to use a high end Camera phone, flash and good light to add and continuously add striking food images to your Instagram… and other social media platforms and your website and and and… 📸

Top down are currently all the rage as show off with this Avocado & Poached egg on toast.

Lots of content creators are using well framed, top down photos as away to show off their products. Using a similar or same view & background will give you a consistent feel.

One single search on YouTube will give you a great look on how a few well know bloggers or content creators create, some frankly, beautiful images.

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