Food Photo’s are critical

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Much like the need for high quality and quantity of food pictures, the amount of times you can use the hash tag Tweet what you eat is endless.

I have taken a picture of my dessert from Instagram, I admit I took a spoon full before remembering to take the picture and add it to my personal Instagram… however the image, the tags, the love and appreciation for food photos is ever increasing – the phrase food porn did not exist until the new millennium.

I don’t think the trend of food photos will end any time soon.

User created content can be a great way to showcase your food, the chefs skills and most successful dishes.  One simple photo of a Sticky Toffee pudding, we both know is making you hungry.

The mid spoon action, highlights you eat with your eyes too 😉

NB: This is a personal photo taken on a mobile device with no additional lighting.  It still works and highlights food photos are critical.

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