Exclusive Use Weddings are the Future

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2020 has been a very tough year for the events and ‘Wedding’ industry, just as tough for brides and weddings booked, or rebooked numerous times. I think for both venues and brides alike moving forward Exclusive Use Weddings are the future, and here is an outline why.

So Question number one is; What are Exclusive Use Weddings.

Simply put – Exclusive use is the hire of an entire venue, lock stock and barrel, using it’s facilities and staff for the entire duration of your wedding. It’s primarily suited to creating privacy for you and your guests throughout your entire wedding day and night, plus morning after.

Why is it the future ?

So once wedding numbers are allowed to increase, or even if you just want to have an intimate affair, exclusive use weddings create a bubble for your big day. And can the primary way to keep costs under control.

infographic for exclusive use weddings
Exclusive Use Weddings Infographic

Wedding Venue

So, the venue doesn’t need to be as big as your Wedding party, just big enough to host your event.
Example; Golden Griff Hotel, 8 Bedrooms, Old Hall for up to 30 people, 2 bars and a restaurant.

The 8 bedrooms mean you could host as a minimum of 16 adult guests, which comfortably caters for;
Bride & Groom (2)
Both sets of parents (4)
Best man +1 (2)
Maid of Honour +1 (2)
Bridesmaid +1 (2)
Both sets of Grandparents (4)

I appreciate that not every family is a straight forward as that, but, this is a good example of how to plan for the nearest and dearest for your big day. Obviously, children are not factored in either, but depending on the hotel, this will always be possible.

Smaller venues will be open to idea the of exclusive use, and I would suggest, no harm in asking, or negotiating. Depending on the size of the party, a wedding venue with up to 41 bedrooms might and should be willing to consider it.

Obviously this does restrict the number of people attending your big day, but it also makes the event itself feel more exclusive too. But consider the bigger the number of people attending, the more expensive the venue will become.

Off setting the “room” cost for guests who attend might shave off a little from your final balance if the venue can invoice it this way.

E.g Guests pay £100 to stay over per room, this takes your price per person down for extended family or friends etc

All Inclusive Wedding Package

So you have secured a possible Exclusive Use Wedding venue, now its times to discuss the package.

Using the previous example of a hotel with 8 bedrooms, I would suggest a package from £199 per person would cover the following;

Accommodation Night before for Bride
Civil Ceremony Room Hire
“Arrival” Drink & Canopes, for after ceremony (during photographs)
Wedding Breakfast Full Day Room Hire
4 Course Meal – Starter, Mains, Dessert & Coffee with Petit fours
2 Glasses of Wine during the meal
1 Glass of Sparkling Wine for the Toast
Evening Reception
Evening Buffet
Midnight Snack
Overnight Accommodation with Breakfast

I am quietly confident with the right venue and the right price, you could squeeze even more out of the package. Some venues will already have decorations in places, or unique food offerings at a premium. But for an extra inch in the price, they might go the extra mile for your exclusive use weddings.

With no other customers to cater for, they can afford to be more open minded with both the price and offering.

Tip for the venues – Saying the old fashioned “sold out” for rooms and restaurant on the day of the event sounds better than saying closed for a private/exclusive event. And all of those times you are sold out, drive direct bookings instead.

Exclusive Use Prices

The example above for a smaller wedding venue, comes in around £3k total, for exclusive use, excluding any premiums. Venues and packages will vary from this entry level option up to around £15k total for a 30 to 40 bedroom venue. But again do not be afraid to negotiate, if a venue has flexibility for secondary dates. Like Sundays or Bank Holidays, even the odd Thursday and Friday play hardball.

Having seen the average wedding cost rise to around £29k in 2019, this figure will inevitability drop in 2021. And buying power will help this, so having the ability to go exclusive will be paramount to bolster your wedding diary for the coming years.

All in all lets get the wedding booking we want, but if you can secure a venue with exclusive use. Go for it…

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27 thoughts on “Exclusive Use Weddings are the Future

  1. I love the idea of having that ‘bubble’ for your big day. This would work really well for smaller venues with a limited number of bedrooms. If you know that your ‘closest circle’ would be enough people to occupy the rooms available, why not? It means that those individuals aren’t searching for accomodations and at the same time, you’re not having to worry about random people coming into your ‘wedding bubble’ on the big day.

  2. This was really interesting to read. Weddings will definitely change going forward and I think exclusive use of venues is actually a good idea, especially in smaller venues.

  3. My sister got married at a winery, and it took place after the place had closed to the public for the day. I cant imagine how it would have been with people walking around shopping and taking pictures while they were saying their vows. So I can definitely see the appeal.

  4. I’ve never heard of an exclusive-use wedding but this totally makes sense for people who want safety, privacy and to be able to create that “getaway” feel, even if your wedding is local. I can definitely see more couples and more venues going this way!

  5. First time knowing about exclusive use weddings and loving the idea already since I always wanted something small with my loved ones. Hopefully we get something similar to this here in South Africa when it’s my day. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

  6. This was really interesting to see it called the future because every wedding I’ve been to as an adult has been this exact setup, I thought that was the norm these days. If you can afford it, I think that is a really nice touch for the couple and bridal party to have that level of exclusivity. I imagine your day feels a lot more like it’s yours if your guests are the only people there.


  7. I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon, would help if I had a fella lol. However, I think if I was, hiring out a whole venue makes sense both for privacy and value for money. I think it’s a win win for both parties. Although I do think smaller venues are likely to be better options as people look at more intimate parties.

  8. This was such an interesting post. I can see why hiring out the entire venue would be a win win for both company and newlyweds. Having been to a hotel for a wedding where we weren’t all staying in the same place it was a bit manic having everyone under the one roof would make things so much easier.

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