Do Not Disturb

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Now, I could post hundreds of images for this blog post. However, we went for a set of different Do Not Disturb (DND) signs to hammer home a point.

This small door hanger is quintessentially still a massive bit if creative marketing genius. Yes they may have been around for years. Yes sometimes you can add the breakfast menu to the reverse or make it more of a gimmick for your brand or style.

But these simple DND signs are genuinely a talking point of your hotel…

I have seen on my travels and during my working life; a double folded sign with possibly the worlds most complex breakfast menu in Vegas, a tongue in cheek busy stick people one in Europe, a thicker plastic (with braille on) in France and a simple red circle with a line through saying DND in the UK.

All of these are memorable and can serve a multiple purpose and be added to your marketing arm that guarantees, almost if not all of your guests will see them and a good few of them will talk about them again, outside of your hotel and even perhaps on a blog one day.

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