Chromebook 😍

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So it may cost under £300 and it may not have some perks, most commonly associated with Windows, including programs notably the famous 3 – Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Armed with just Chrome Os, a web based platform, comparable to tablet or smart phone operating software, limited storage and a few less quirky requirements for the hardened laptop or even desktop user.

A Chromebook has revolutionised the way you can get online – its quick to load, fast to use and if you are connected to the Google family a breeze to link to your phone, chrome web data and a another laptop/pc.

Using a Chromebook since 2014, until today, I have not missed a beat and even write this will connected via Hotspot on my Google smart phone with little or no impact on the running speed, website (due to 4G) and even without the letter J on my keyboard – won’t be seen without a Chromebook ever again.

The Pros
Quick start up,  instantly online, working offline, No behind the scene computer issues, silent running and ultra connectivity to Google apps & accounts.

The Cons
Not the brightest screen even on 100% brightness, no access to offline programs like Photoshop, some Windows users will miss the basic Microsoft programs.

The HP Chromebook 14 packs good performance, if you can use the google apps with the same passion and love of those you are used to, plus enjoy the silent computing, then you won’t look back.

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