Breakfast – Most important Meal of the Day

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I know it sounds like a clique, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

For more than the normal reason of eating a nutritious breakfast sets the tone for the day, promotes weight maintenance and weight loss by maintaining blood glucose levels and your metabolism.

But also because let’s be honest, it sets the tone for your guests the entire day, the feeling they have about you when they leave. And just as important, the last and most memorable impression they have of your establishment, when that third party site email asking for a review arrives.

Getting breakfast right, and indeed adding the right coffee option, or to go option, can literally make or break your business and factor in whether or not a guest might return.

Don’t be afraid to increase the level of self service, be that a bean to cup coffee machine, a roller toaster, the hot food to a point. And most if not all of your Continental options, this can then free up more staff to host, serve, clear and maintain the food levels.

Think of the very best breakfast you have had, think of the review you left for the hotel or bed & breakfast … and then just remember how that breakfast made you feel.
Even if the pillow, or road noise or any other small niggle affected your stay, the most golden egg yolks and a buffet that stretched for miles is the reason you are smiling and would recommenced the place.

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