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Every Hotel needs to be doing Bounceback Offers

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Specials Discounts, Money off, Incentives, Bounceback offers, whatever you want to call it, every hotel needs to be doing them.

All too often the conversation goes along the lines of “Oh, where was that place we went, what was it called.” Or “Remember when we went their, we should go back.”

Do those customers come back. Have they been a one off customer, a single transaction, lost in the statistics of covers on a random busy Tuesday in June.

What is a bounceback offer

Google would tell you a bounceback offer is a unique discounted rate for booking a resort room or Disney Resort Hotel Package.

Literally Disney world come up when you ask the question on google. Disney want guests to come back time after time, years after year. Why doesn’t your hotel do that ?

Come back and stay.
Come back and spend more in our restaurant.
Come back and book a another facility we offer.

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I appreciate some customers, may choose your hotel and its location or might literally be attending an event either at the hotel or in the area. Rather than be at that hotel for a holiday. This making them a transient astay over.

But my the point is, you have them already, in house, in your business, in your hotel. It will be a lot easier to keep them or incentivize them to return with a unique offer, exclusive to them. We all have that issue when buying telecommunications where the offer is for existing customers only. Again – why is your hotel not doing that.

Case Study example..

A hotel with just a restaurant like the Golden Griff below – could without question offer any of the following.

Not a real Hotel
  • 20% off your next visit when booking direct > nothing to lose as you would pay close to that in commission normally.
  • Dinner Bed & Breakfast exclusive price for two when you book direct > Secret Escapes offer similar deals daily
  • 35% off or Two for One Main Courses in our Restaurant > They will definitely buy drinks and most likely starters, side orders or desserts if your staff are trained correctly.

Mathematically speaking, I know this is suggesting giving away upwards of £20 per returning guest. But actually, if your £100 customer never came back, you gained and lost nothing.

If they did return, whilst you lose £20, just getting them to come back, you gain £80 or more depending on the offer.

Defining a Bounceback offer

We want people to keep coming back.
You have at your disposal multiple opportunities to roll out a bounceback – be that on email before arrival. On Checking in or in the guests bedrooms, on the breakfast table. Hell even on check out.

Don’t waste a single chance to re purpose a piece of business into a bounceback or maybe a community offer, they can share.

Possibilities are endless !

Please note the case study is merely an example, anything resembling real life, is merely a coincidence.

27 thoughts on “Every Hotel needs to be doing Bounceback Offers

  1. This is such an interesting take on the current climate and I completely agree with you. When we were out of the first lockdown, I wanted nothing more than a hotel stay with my man – it didn’t matter where or when, I just wanted to get out of the house and be away for some respite. Now that we’re in a second lockdown, I am adamant that we should get away after Christmas just for a long weekend. Hotels and places like that could really cash in on people like me who’ve missed out on any holiday or annual leave this year!


  2. As a customer i always look for offers as a way to spend less and hotels offering this kind of offer is a good incentive to have retun and new customers.

  3. It is time to make those offers and keep them coming. The second lockdown is makimg things challenging again, but I am one of those itching to take advantage of bounce back deals.

  4. Right now grabbing peoples attention with amazing offers is the perfect tool for grabbing peoples attention. I for sure always appreciate a good deal and will take advantage of offers that help me to save. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  5. Bounceback offers are a great way to get back loyal customers who already love your service. This is such an informative post!

  6. Thank you for sharing about bounceback offers as I did not know about this before and we are looking at booking our holidays for next year so will keep an eye out for these offers

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