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Being in charge of Social Media can be fun and incredibly rewarding. Bloggers in Hotels is so cost effective and I noticed the Novotel Nottingham Derby earlier this year received. A blog post, twitter campaign and Instagram post by a blogger who stayed at the hotel.

This was a pre planned attempt to increase social awareness of the Hotel, and the blogger. But the conversation that came from it even boosted the Instagram post to the attention of the verified national Novotel UK Instagram account.

I don’t have figures or stats from the total exposure for the stay within the hotel for both the brand, hotel and blogger.
Never the less what a delightful, delightful way to use Social Media to boost followers and bring the hotel into the millennial (or younger) eyes.

(Even vlogged too below)

Credit: Hayley of Life Through TSG  

The comments alone on the blog post – “Never thought of staying at a Novotel before. It looks lovely!” is a shinning testimonial.

All but free advertising.

When was the last time you invited a blogger to stay at your hotel?

Bloggers in Hotels is the cost of a Room Vs The cost of thousands of eyes on your product.
Or better still 1 or 2 direct bookings, directly off the back of it.

Its a win win situation.

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