Best email signature for 2020 with email icon

Best Email Signatures for 2020

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Having spoke about Email Signatures, last in 2013, it must be time for an update.
Moving into 2020, every email you send, which might be hundreds per day or a week, is now a shop window for you and your business.

With the number of eyes on your email signature, increasing, it has to include the following in 2020.


With smart devices or mobile phones, probably now the number one device for sending and receiving all emails. Having everything you send in your signature clickable, will help calls, emails, website and special offer views increase.
By just converting your number from a bracket (0) or a full number, including 01 to a +44 or relevant area code will enable most mobiles to click and call the number directly.

The same can and should said for everything on your email signature, adding links, so when people click they go to the relevant areas.


Position Company Name
Phone +44 Mobile +44
Web Address Email Address
Social Media Icons

Special Offer Banner (low resolution but high quality)

Links to Privacy, GDPR and or Social Responsibility policies


My example above includes at least 2 or 3 images maybe more depending on your social media icons. Your web or design company should be able to help you create both the icons and a graphic. These should be up to date, relevant and a call to action.

If you are hosting a marquee event, tell people, if Christmas is still available then shou about it.

Your email signature is a key to customers, new, old and those who might not have engaged in a while too. And as long as you are emailing for the right reason, is a key way to get your message across, whilst being GDRP friendly too.

In closing

This should be a regular audit-able sales and marketing activity, less from this is… it’s a shop window

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