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10 Reasons Why Novotel Should be Your Hotel of Choice

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Did you know that there are currently over 30 Novotel’s in the UK, with more on the horizon, and hundreds worldwide?
Have you ever stayed in a Novotel?

I am about to tell you 10 Reasons Why Novotel Should be Your Hotel of Choice.

1. Locations
Most are either located in major City Centres or near Airports or both – Edinburgh, Leicester, and London Wembley picture below. And let’s be honest, they all look sparkly new, either because they are or have had investment in the 18 months to 2 years.

2. Leisure
Nearly all Novotel’s offer some form of Leisure facilities, either a pool or gym, both or even an outdoor pool in some circumstances. Novotel Paddington, Newcastle and Edinburgh featured here.

3. The Queen Size beds
I am not going to say 100% every single room and hotel has them, but Queen size beds are common place in all Novotel’s. With the beds being real beds, not two singles pushed together and never could you say the room was small.

The beds / rooms featured here are all from different parts of the country, Coventry and Stevenage for example and whilst you can see the brand standards, just look at those big beds. Which I can vouch are comfortable to boot.

4. ALL Accor Live Limitless
Yes it’s another hotel reward scheme, but its exactly that it rewards you, and lets not forget Accor have over 30 brands worldwide too and when travel or hotels is your things – what more could you want than guaranteed rooms and comfort

5. All Accor’s Best perk
I know 2 points are the same thing – but. If you register your credit and or debit card with your rewards card, you earn points on everything you spend in any Accor brand with those registered cards.
So if you are close to the next level, or expiry and not going away or just want to grab lunch on near work or at home.
Why not boost your rewards status with this, frankly, genius little addition to a rewards scheme.
When gold or higher you can also benefit from discounts on such things as Spa treatments too.

6.Great WiFi
Simple but effective truth – registering in most 100Mb plus – its a major benefit

7. Great communal spaces
Whether you are working from home, having a meeting with colleagues. Almost all Novotel’s have the ability to perform as a great working space. Big chairs in the lobby for interviews and in some cases (as pictured below) a tall desk. With sockets built in for those days where you can spend some time co-working or working between meetings. And don’t forget point 6 – great WiFi and it’s Free.

8. The Price
Yeah I Said it… The Price.
With most hotels being 4 star, you would be wrong to assume the prices are out of this world.
I have yet to find a city centre location where I cannot price match. A standard double with a double bed vs the Novotel standard with a queen size bed. Or find a better price or even on occasion a better quality of room upgrade vs that of a standard room in another hotel.
Even testing this in London has meant you could get a 4 star hotel with a queen size bed. Better than that of a well known American brand offering a budget version of their product.

Yes you could go to a budget hotel supplied by Accor for an even better price… but 4 Star standard at 3 Star prices. Maybe!

9. The Room

This might seem repetitive to show you the hotel rooms again, but…
If you want to work, or even entertain yourself during a long stay for example. The room is ideal.
Most have very good size screens, with the ability to plug HDMI. And or other media options in a built in media centre below the TV.
You could convert the room into a video conferencing room or just plug in your laptop to watch Netflix.
Whilst the TV is built and offers relatively standard channels in the UK. This addition is a game changer, compared to some hotels.

10. Really
Honestly read points 1 to 9 and tell me you don’t want to chose a Novotel as your next hotel.
I have reviewed the Novotel Newcastle here and stayed at the Novotel Derby Nottingham. By choice, earned my reward points and reaped the benefits.

Go forth and enjoy.

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