Welcome to Wrestling with Hotels!

A Hotel Blog name is inspired by my love of two things, Wrestling and Hotels.
The phrase, to wrestle with something is likened to try to deal with or solve a difficult problem.

Well on this ever growing site, you will see lessons and ideas on how to solve the challenges some hotels might have with modernisation of their businesses.

Wrestling with Hotels is here to help, give views, reviews and tips for all things Hotels. As a business and Hotels as a customer. As well as provide some guidance on Social Media, Marketing and what’s hot at the time of posting.

Wrestling with Hotels is also available for Sales, Social Media, Revenue, Operational & Hotel Management Consultancy.

Also plenty of reviews or discussions on my experiences in hotels, both working in them and overnights in far too many of them. So if you want to see hotels (mainly in the UK) get better or understand the smalls things wrong in the industry, stay tuned.

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